​Inside a classroom of a primary school in rural Kenya. 2-3 children share a desk. Splendors of Africa will provide desks​ with storage space for text books and writing materials to improve acessss to books  and learning. Splendors of Africa is working to provide books,  reading material and a computer for each classroom to enhance the learning experience .

Splendors of Africa aims to:-

1. Create networks and partnerships with communities to support the creation, improvement and development of livelihood skills learning institutions for the youth.

2. Support the development of mentorship programs with established professionals and businesses to offer youth "on the job training" and some hands on experience.

3. Raise community awareness and participation in life skills training and economic empowerment programs. 

Life Skills Training a Priority

Splendors of Africa has partnered with various programs  to teach life skills to the youth. These programs help the youth learn how to deal effectively with challenges in their everyday life, whether it is at school, work or in their personal lives. 

Our Focus

Irene is a young girl living in rural Kenya. She loves school and dreams of becoming a doctor, but the challenges of poverty may cut her dream short. Help us make her dream come true. Here is a letter Irene wrote, accompanied by a note from her neighbor, appealing for assistance with her education.​

Sponsor a Child

Irene's Story

Our greatest Natural Resource is the Minds of our Children.                                                                                          Walter E. Disney


To promote socio-economic inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized youth in communities through education, holistic life skills training and empowerment programs.


To be part of a world where all people have opportunity and capacity to participate in steering social, economic and environmental factors for the benefit of all humanity.

Below are snippets from letters received from students asking for assistance or thanking the organization for assistance received towards their schooling. 

Splendors of Africa collaborates with SQUAD, Inc., a non profit organization mentoring middle school children.

Steve of Splendors of Africa with Martin, Raeshawn and John of  SQUAD mentor young middle school students.