Splendors of Africa Volunteers at  Mercedes Benz Stadium (Falcons)  & SunTrust Park (Braves)

Volunteering at the Georgia Dome to raise money for scholarships. This is an ongoing commitment. 

Mentorship opportunity in Kenya

We VolunTeer and VolunTour

About Us

Having long realized the value of an appropriate education in creating a better world for all, and driven by a passion to make a difference, Splendors of Africa founders felt the need to broaden and deepen their engagement with charitable causes in Kenya. Realizing that their personal resources could do only so much, the idea of exposing the plight of communities living in deprivation and want in Kenya and elsewhere seemed like a good way to promote and tap into their charitable giving.

Splendors of Africa was thus conceived in 2010 as a social enterprise dedicated to promoting and facilitating impact Voluntourism from the USA to Kenya. The aim was to enhance the visitors' African art, cultural and environmental experience within their host communities as they in turn contributed material or other practical benefit to their hosts. 

Splendors of Africa Inc. was established as a Non Profit Corporation in the USA as a platform for dynamic partnerships to further the noble aim of creating a world where all people have opportunity and capacity to participate in steering their social, economic and environmental factors by being appropriately empowered.

Volunteering at The Mercedes Benz Stadium (Atlanta Falcons)

Visited Kenya and spent time with the Director, International Relations. Collaborated on various issues affecting education and how we can reach more students. 

Volunteer Projects for 2018

  • Volunteer at Suntrust Park (Braves) and Mercedes Benz (Falcons) to raise money to fund SOA projects 
  • Soccer Gear & Equipment: Sort and pack donations ready for shipment to Kenya. 
  • Clothing Drive: We are collecting, sorting and  packing clothes, toys, household items, medical  equipment such as wheelchairs and crutches. These items will be shipped to Kenya for distribution to those in need. 

Get Involved and complete the Volunteer Applicationform attached.