Arts and Crafts displayed at Festival

SOA participates in trade shows and festivals in the USA to showcase and promote arts and crafts from Kenya. All sale profits fund projects in Kenya. 

Part of the clothing donated by a uniform company ready for sorting and shipping to Kenya​. The articles of clothing include fire retardant and high visisbility uniforms that can be very costly for students learning trades such as welding, mechanics etc

cultural exchange program slated for 2017.  The band will educate visitors and particpants on musical instruments they play that are indigenous to the coastal region of Kenya.

Cultural Exchange

The world has become a global village and because of technology, we all seem connected. This has created a curiosity among the youth, whereby they want to share and also learn from their counterparts about cultural, religious, geographic and socio economic differences so they can develop a greater and better understanding of diversity. Splendors of Africa will create those opportunities through the education programs they sponsor. The youth will not only display their goods and services via technology, but will have opportunity to travel to showcase their works and talents.


Afro Simba, a Kenyan   band,  is working with Splendors of Africa in anticipation of a 

​​Sponsor a Child

In Kenya, high school education (9th-12th grade) is not free and many parents struggle to meet this basic need, especially those in marginalized and disadvantaged communities. School Fees in a boarding school (the preferable choice for high school education) can range from $750 - $1000, depending on the school a child attends. 

Academically gifted children from poor and struggling familes, who are selected to attend National High Schools, are denied this great opportunity because of the prohibitive cost of education ($1000) per year. 

The need is great and we are constantly receiving new requests for sponsorship. The childrens' stories are heartbreaking. Read the letters from James and Maureen, who lost their father, the sole bread winner of their family of 10 children or Jeniffer, the daughter of a single parent who has no steady income.

Listen to Jacob, a straight "A" student, who had to give up his opportunity to attend a national High School because of finances. In the video, one of his teachers, Ms. Margaret, interviews him as she would like to see him get sponsorship so he can stop worrying about finances and concentrate on his education. 

We would love to assist each and every student who reaches out to SOA, but we know it is not realistic. Help us make a difference, one child at a time!

Donate towards the education of a child with a one time donation or recuring donation. Join us in becoming the change we want to see in the world.  

An Artist at work

Agoro, an established artist in Eastlands, Nairobi, works with Splendors of Africa to assist young and upcoming artists.

Agoro is active in accepting interns from art schools around the region. Most of the interns do not have resources to buy their own paints, canvas or paint brushes! He not only provides this items from his personal resources, but goes above and beyond as a mentor to the young artists.

SOA is working with Agoro in providing the much needed resources so he can reach out to more upcoming artists. 

Humanitarian Assistance

Due to exclusion because of socio-economic status, most disadvantaged communities do not have adequate institutions in place to offer training necessary to provide the youth with opportunities for self-growth.  Institutions may be non-existent or may be poorly funded because of lack of resources.

To Target vulnerable households with a focus on averting school dropout, child labor and anti-social behavior, SOA will encourage mentorship from an early age. 

 SOA will play a part in the creation and development of such institutions, and where available, provide resources to enhance programs for the youth. For mentorship, SOA will pair the youth with professionals who will teach them the technical aspects of their trade. The “on-the-job” training will give the youth insider information and hands on experience they will need to be successful in the world. 

Livelihood Skills Training

SOA offers Livelihood Skills training with the objective of enhancing the employability of disadvantaged youth, improve their career opportunity and entrepreneurial development. We tackle the areas of Performing Arts, Craft and Fine Art and Fashion and Design

Performing Arts: 

SOA explores performing arts in the areas of dance, music, theatre, performance art, recitation and public speaking.

Craft and Fine Art:
Craft and Fine artists are trained in the area of pottery, glassware, furniture, jewelry, textiles, painting, sculpture, illustration etc. We emphasize the creation of original works that can be exhibited or sold in local and international markets.

Fashion and Design:
Participants of this program are trained in the creation of original clothing, accessories, and footwear. Products are sold in both local and international markets.  

PROGRAMS undertaken by SOA


Education is a fundamental human right, yet there are many children from marginalized and  disadvantaged communities worldwide who are denied this opportunity.  Research has proved that education is a powerful tool that can lift communities out of poverty.

SOA is proactive in the education of children from disadvantaged communities in Kenya. We offer financial assistance for children to complete their formal education, and also offer, through mentors, to life skills education so as to develop their sense of self-worth, irrespective of their family background or academic achievements. Those seeking assistance have to complete a Sponsorship Application Form that is vetted by SOA board members. Once selected, the student may receive a partial or full scholarship depending on need and availability of funds.  

SOA grants scholarships to students attending universities and colleges in the USA. The students have to complete the Sponsorship Application Form that is vetted by SOA Board Members. Once selected, the student will be notified of their award. 


Splendors of Africa works hand in hand with the educational and vocational programs it supports to create a market for goods and services produced. Emphasis is placed on the creation of orginal products of high quality that can compete in the international market. Creating high quality products encourages local consumption and pride.