Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a Difference.   

                                               Kathy Calvin, CEO & President of the United Nations Foundation

Getting camera ready local style ....Smile!!

Splendors of Africa offered to buy Double Decker beds for Shammah Childrens Home in Nairobi, Kenya. Thank you to all who followed the process and supported via donations to make this a reality!

 Your kindness brought immeasurable joy to the founder and children at Shammah.  

Trade & Culture

SOA works hand in hand with the educational and vocational programs it supports to create a market for goods and services produced. Emphasis is placed on the creation of original products of high quality that can compete in the international market. Creating high quality products encourages local consumption and pride.

Video of the children saying

Thank You. 

The process of sourcing carpenters, making beds and trasporting to Shamma Childrens Home. What a joy!

Livelihood Skills Training

SOA offers Livelihood Skills training with the objective of enhancing the employability of disadvantaged youth, improve their career opportunity and entrepreneurial development. We tackle the areas of Performing Arts, Craft and Fine Art and Fashion and Design

PROGRAMS undertaken by SOA

Moving Beds to home

Fundraising for Shammah Childrens Home

​​Shammah Children's Home is located in Ruai, a suburb in  the outskirts of Nairobi. The founder leased a piece of land and built a semi-permanent structure to help abandoned and homeless children.  The home houses 36 children ranging in age from 1-16 years old. 

They rely on well wishers to meet their needs such as school fees, clothing, food and lease payments. A friend and volunteer at the home reached out to Splendors of Africa to see how we could assist the children

This is Shammah Children's Home. We are working hard towards making this home more comfortable for the children who live here 

​​Shammah Children's Home in Ruai, Kenya

Humanitarian Assistance

SOA offers humanitarian assistance to under-served and disadvantaged communities. This is done by accepting donations from the community and in turn  allocating it to those in need. 

​​​Sponsor a Child

Education is a fundamental human right, yet there are many children from marginalized and  disadvantaged communities worldwide who are denied this opportunity.  Research has proved that education is a powerful tool that can lift communities out of poverty.

Splendors of Africa is proactive in the education of children from disadvantaged communities in Kenya. We offer financial assistance for children to complete their formal education. High school education in Kenya is not free and many parents struggle to meet this basic need, especially those in marginalized and disadvantaged communities. We would love to assist each and every student who reaches out to us, but we know it is not realistic. Help us make a difference, one child at a time!

Donate towards the education of a child with a one time donation or recurring donation. Join us in becoming the change we want to see in the world.